20 Years of Tacfab: Stories from our Patrons
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  • Published: 02/06/2021
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20 Years of Tacfab: Stories from our Patrons

Celebrating 20 years of Tacfab would not be possible without our customers, who have stood by us all along. It is their patronage and their love for the brand that has made this milestone possible. In these 20 years, product quality as well as customer service have been our core values and we are proud of it. For us, each customer is like a member of the Tacfab family and each of their visits to the store an opportunity to create memories.

While we are a huge family of millions of customers today, we would like to share the stories of five customers with whom we got a chance to interact recently. These customers have been visiting Tacfab for around 20 years, making our relationship all the more special. They have trusted us with all their ethnic wear needs all these years, and we are truly grateful to them for giving us this golden chance.

Ms Anita Manocha: A teacher, Ms Anita has been shopping with Tacfab since its inception. A friend introduced her to our brand and fortunately, she visited us on our very second day! From that day till now, there has been no looking back.

             What she loves about Tacfab: She appreciates the quality of fabrics at Tacfab and loves the ethnic prints as well as the embroidered suits. No matter what she is looking for, she always finds it at Tacfab.


Ms Neelam Bakshi: She has been shopping with Tacfab from Day 1 and have been associated with us for over 20 years now. Before the Tacfab Kamla Nagar store was inaugurated, Ms Neelam was a regular customer at our Chandni Chowk store.

The relationship with Tacfab is a legacy she shares with her daughters. We truly became a part of their family when she even chose Tacfab for her daughters’ entire trousseau collections.

             What she loves about Tacfab: She loves the variety of casual as well as party wear suit sets here. She also appreciates the politeness of our store staff, which makes the shopping experience worthwhile.


Ms Deepti Kakkar: Ms Deepti shopped with us for the first time back in 2001, when her mother introduced her to the brand. Since then, she has been visiting us regularly even after she got married. We loved making outfits for her for various special occasions, including her cousin’s wedding, Dad’s birthday and so on.

             What she loves about Tacfab: She is in love with Tacfab’s range of Tussar Silk and Cotton suit sets. She believes that Tacfab is one of the finest brands when it comes to ethnic wear for women and we have an exclusive range of dressy yet comfortable outfits.


Ms Shubhangi Godboley: She got to know about Tacfab when the Kamla Nagar store opened up in her neighbourhood. After tons of recommendations from her friends and family, she visited the store for the first time almost 20 years ago and has been shopping for ethnic wear from here ever since. Now, her young daughter is also a member of the Tacfab family and we’re so happy to serve both of them!

             What she loves about Tacfab: Ms Shubhangi has been a regular at Tacfab because of its excellent quality of fabrics, trendy collections and reasonable price range.


Ms Rani Sachdeva: Ms Rani’s love affair with Tacfab started 15 years ago when she saw a friend wearing a Tacfab outfit. Tacfab is her preferred choice for casual wear as well as formal ethnic wear for weddings.

             What she loves about Tacfab: Ms Rani chooses Tacfab over any other brand because of its wide range of designs and fabric quality.


If you have a story to share too or want to talk about your Tacfab experience, reach out to us on Instagram at @tacfabfashions or email us at info@tacfab.com. We’d love to feature you on our page.

Till then, stay safe!

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