5 Ways to Drape Your Dupattas (Ft. Our Most Special Customers)
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  • Published: 29/09/2021
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5 Ways to Drape Your Dupattas (Ft. Our Most Special Customers)

As they say, there are no rules in fashion and getting creative is the key. Whether you like to be the trend setter or love to religiously follow the popular trends, experimenting with styles and outfits is a lot of fun for everyone. Keeping in mind the love for fashion, we decided to share 5 beautiful dupatta draping styles with you. And who could be better than our loyalists to show them to you!

1. A simple yet classy way to drape your dupatta is on the side on one shoulder. You can either pin it up on top of the shoulder or let it flow freely as per your choice. This dupatta style works well no matter where you’re headed to – your workplace, a wedding function or a dinner outing. This is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to drape a dupatta and is very popular too.


2. Wearing your dupatta close to the neck looks very trendy, especially when the front of your kurta is highlights with embroidery, weaves or embellishments. This style also allows you to move around freely, without worrying about the fall of the dupatta. Once you bring the folds of the dupatta together and place them close to the neck, make sure the dupatta’s length is the same on both sides.


3. If you have an odhni for a dupatta, or your dupatta boasts of beautiful embroidery or embellishments, the best way to drape it is all around your upper body. Place one end of the dupatta on one of your shoulders and bring it a whole circle around your body and over the shoulders. This is a great way to highlight intricate dupatta borders and workmanship.


4. Similar to the style where you place the dupatta close to the neck, this style allows you to comfortably wear any outfit no matter where you go. Make sure you leave equal lengths of the dupatta on both sides of the shoulder and then take the dupatta close to your neck. Let the dupatta fall fully on the front of your kurta for comfort.


5. This dupatta style is a favourite among many if they’re heading out for a formal gathering. All you need to do is to bring the dupatta from the back onto both your shoulders and elbows. This allows you to flaunt the dupatta borders on the front, while ensuring that the dupatta detailing is entirely visible when you turn around.


How do you love to style your dupatta? Do you do it differently for formal and casual outings? Tell us all about it in the Comments section below!

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