Beauty of Georgette Salwar Suits
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  • Published: 24/11/2017
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As far as suits go, cotton will remain a classic, but among new materials gaining popularity one that is increasingly bought and worn is Georgette. Why, you ask? Here’s everything you need to know! Georgette is a light weight, crinkled, sheer fabric- a string absorbent, it allows for easy dyeing and this means a whole range of colours when you are shopping for designer party wear suits online. The texture is dull to rough, and while pure Georgette is woven out of silk yarns, faux georgette is woven from Rayon and Polyester.

All the way from the inventor Madame Georgette de la Plante in the 20th century to the fabulous sarees you can see in stores, Georgette has found itself being shaped into stylish kurtas and full suits now, with all kinds of neck designs and cuts to choose from. Georgette suits are bouncy and full of fun and flair; crepe like and absolutely airy to wear! While everyone has heavily depended on chiffon for their more flowy outfits, many designers have now turned to georgette to fashion suits out of. If you are the more conservative type, or looking to cover yourself up for an occasion that asks for it, georgette is your perfect alternative for the more flimsy chiffon.

Especially if you’re seeking the clingy, swishy material that frames your body absolutely right in a manner both flattering and classy- the georgette suit you’ve had your eye on should be yours. The tendency of the fabric to naturally drape well is what makes it an apt choice for a lot of ladies who love the silky and comfortable look. The thin texture also means a light weight, slimming, easy to handle option! Not only will your Georgette suit fit you right and make you look and feel like a goddess, it’s also a tougher fabric than chiffon, making for simple washing and maintenance.

Remember- since the 1930’s Georgette has been largely used by royalty as it used to be expensive yet very elegant. It always been a fabric that denotes class and élan, and now as it’s fashioned into full length kurtas and anarkalis, full piece suits and so on!

What are you waiting for? Timeless, graceful, grand and very very comfortable, Georgette suits sit on your body like no other material will. Buy Salwar Suits Online now to be gorgeous in georgette!

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