Custom Made To Unlock Your Personal Style
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  • Published: 22/01/2018
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When it comes to picking a graceful outfit, the choice of the outfit alone would not be sufficient- you would also have to get the perfect fit. But then obtaining a fit that flatters your body type is not going to be very easy. When you are trying to buy a kurta or a salwar kameez suit for example, you would only be able to find standard size options. This would mean compromising on the fit a little if your size happens to be something in between the standard size options available.

The other issue you might face is that sometimes you might find a perfect color, print and style but the required size runs out of stock. You would also have to compromise on the sleeve length, style and other such elements when it comes to choosing ready to wear suits.

It is undeniable however that ready to wear suits are very convenient to purchase. But for those who are looking for perfect fit and customized styles, buying unstitched suits online is one of the best options.

Why should you buy unstitched suits?

The first main reason why people buy unstitched dress material for salwar suit is the freedom of customizing the fit. The body shapes are classified broadly and there is no guarantee that every customer that comes to purchase salwar suits would be able to fit into any of the available sizes. Whether you need a size smaller than the standard or larger than the standard you would be obtain the desired fit when you buy unstitched material. One other benefit is that the fit can be tailored according to your height.

Women who are shorter or taller might have trouble in finding the right height of kurta. Sometimes the pant might end up to be shorter or longer. There are several such things that could be avoided as well, when dress materials are bought and stitched according to the accurate measurements.

The customization of the style is the next good thing about dress materials. You get to pick the sleeve length and design, neckline design, hemline cut and a lot of other elements of the style of the salwar suit. You also get to choose the style of pant you would like with the kurta as well as the length of the kurta itself.

You get to add embellishments and lots more. You can add minor changes to the readymade salwar suits as well. But dress materials are easier to upgrade before being stitched into your favorite outfit.

Getting a good outcome is a lot dependent on your tailor. But before that comes the actual quality of the fabric that is bought. There are various choices in the fabric type in Tacfab’s unstitched suit collection. Crepe and chiffon are soft and flowy. There are so many other options in colors and embellishments. There are some Pashmina suit materials as well to effortlessly enhance your elegance.

Kurtas these days are paired with skirts, palazzos, cigarette pants and more. When you buy salwar suits online you would not get the freedom to mix and match the styles. With unstitched suits you get to pick the bottom style and get a dhoti pant or a Patiala or any other style to suit your silhouette. One other benefit is that when you buy online you might have a lot of doubts about the fit. If it is an unstitched dress material then you would be able to buy without the slightest doubt and get it stitched to suit you.

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