Destination wedding? Here's all you need!
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  • Published: 19/02/2018
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Wedding is that magical day in everyone’s life. A lot of planning goes into making a wedding happen. A destination wedding is definitely something that can make it a memorable event for the bride, groom as well as for the guests. And this is also a trend that is quite popular all over the world. But the thing about destination wedding is that it requires even deeper planning than a wedding that is planned in the same city. But when done right this is sure to create the most memorable day for the whole family and friends.

If you have a destination wedding coming up then make sure that you plan the outfit way ahead. This would make sure that you do not have to worry about the details in the last minute and can instead focus on making the most of the trip.

Styling tips to attend a destination wedding

Wedding definitely calls for flaunting your best style but remember that it is all about meeting your friends and loved ones and having a great time. So it is also important to choose something that is not just stylish but also something that is sensibly cheery and comfortable. Fashion doesn’t always have to compromise on the comfort.

Here are some tips to remember when you pick your outfit:

  • Choose the fabric and color based on the climate of the destination where the wedding is planned
  • Choose the length of the outfit and the overall fit based on the overall length of the wedding ceremony
  • Choose the outfit style based on the theme of the wedding if any
  • Choose the type of outfit based on how active you would be during the occasion

Outfit ideas for destination weddings:

Lehengas: It is not just the bride that can don a pretty lehenga. Choose some pleasant and cheerful lehengas to be a showstopper. You would be able to find a large collection of party wear lehengas online and so preparing for the wedding would become so much simple. When you choose versatile fabric like satin, you can wear the lehengas in hot as well as cold climate regions.

Designer party wear suits: When you think about designer suits do not immediately imagine something heavy and difficult to carry all day long. Again, satin is your best buddy. The thing about satin is that whether you want to pull out a simple look or a grand look you can do both with satin. If the destination wedding is planned in a warm region you could choose some lighter hues like peaches. Darker shades work well for the events planned for the evening. Finding designer partywear suits online is now a very simple task.

Kurti and jacket: Kurti gowns, ankle length kurtis have been in trend for quite some time. By pairing a pretty kurti with a breezy longline ethnic jacket can give a chic twist to the ethnic look while also retaining the comfort quotient. Most destination weddings, beach weddings in particular call for simpler looks, something more casual and lively. This combination would work well for such occasions.

Salwar suits: Salwar suits are protean outfits. These can be styled in a million different ways. Earlier most people preferred buying unstitched suits because finding perfect fit in a stitched suit was difficult. But then trends changed. And now again balancing the benefits of both come the trend of buying semi stitched salwar suits online. These come partially stitched and so obtaining the basic shape and style is made simpler. And you still have the freedom of adding your touch to the final outfit. With these suits you have the option of styling the sleeves, as well as converting the bottom to your style – you can pair the top with a skirt or a palazzo for a beautiful outcome.

A destination wedding would also mean that you would be travelling for a long distance. So make sure that you choose an outfit that is easy to pack, something that is light to carry as well. Get your unstitched suits several days in advance so that you can fully complete the fitting and alterations in time.

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