Everything You Need to Know about Pashmina, the Much-loved Winter Fabric
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  • Published: 01/12/2021
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Everything You Need to Know about Pashmina, the Much-loved Winter Fabric

Popular across the world, Pashmina is one of the most premium fabrics that you’ll find anywhere you go. This fabric has been used for ages to make products like shawls, suits, sweaters and more because of the warmth it offers. Kashmir has been known to produce some of the finest Pashmina weaves since centuries now.

Now let’s look at the origin of the word Pashmina. ‘Pashm’ meaning wool in Persian aptly describes the quality of the fabric. While this textile is warm and soft, it also exudes elegance and grace unlike any other winter fabric. This textile is made from the undercoat of the Himalayan Changthang goats, found in the high altitudes of Changthang where the temperatures drop to -40 degree and beyond! The Changthang goats are brushed every summer onwards to obtain the long and soft hair, while some of it is naturally shed. The fibres are then sorted, washed and woven in Kashmir to produce some of the finest Pashmina fabrics ever. From the hand-spun yarn to the traditional handloom weaving, the artisans work on every aspect of this fabric to deliver a product the entire world has fallen in love with. Weaving of Pashmina fabrics can even take days together and is a very slow process, making it one of the higher-priced options in winter wear.

It is not without reason that Pashmina outfits are known to keep you warm during the harsh winter months. Not only are they very warm, but the Pashmina fabrics are lightweight and breathable to ensure maximum comfort for anyone who wears them. Over the years, Pashmina has also evolved to incorporate a wide range of designs that are in demand in the fashion industry. While you have options of solid colours to choose from, there are weaves that flaunt floral, traditional, geometric and many other patterns as well. Some luxurious Pashmina fabrics also boast of hand embroidery or hand-painted motifs.

At Tacfab, we have been a part of the textile industry for over 70 years and put in all efforts to bring to you fabrics that are excellent in quality and fashionable as well. Our range of beautiful Pashmina suits has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends and different budgets. Some suits in our range are made of pure Pashmina fabric and boast of beautiful embroidery and Jacquard work. Then there are some which are even paired with pure Pashmina dupattas and boast of zari weaving for a formal touch. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, you can go for our Pashmina suit collection with Chinon printed dupattas.




For formal occasions, we have a range of Tussar Silk suit sets that boast of zari, sequins and pearl embroidery. They are paired with graceful Pashmina dupattas with weaving all over. For wedding wear, we have Pashmina suits with digital print and handwork on the kurta. These wedding suits are paired with Pashmina dupattas that double up as shawls and have Jacquard weaving all over in a jaal.



No matter which occasion you buy a Pashmina suit for, you will truly be spoilt for choice at www.tacfab.com. We have all the styles available in a myriad hues and in a variety of patterns. So go ahead, take your pick and amp up your winter wardrobe with evergreen Pashmina suits.

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