Fabrics You Will Love This Summer: One-stop-guide on What to Pick
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  • Published: 11/06/2019
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Fabrics You Will Love This Summer: One-stop-guide on What to Pick

We all want easy-to-wear, easy-to-maintain, breathable fabrics as the temperatures rise and Cotton truly fits the bill. It’s time we pump up our wardrobes with the many kinds of Cotton ethnic wear outfits to ensure a happy and easy summer. Our experts have put together this one-stop-guide to help you identify the best of fabrics while buying Indian wear for the summer months – for both casual as well as formal wear.

1. Cotton Linen: These light-weight, delicate and very elegant suit sets are perfect for formal occasions. They offer extreme levels of breathability and thus are a preferred option during the summers. The most wonderful part of this fabric is that the prints come out really well in a water-colour effect, thus enhancing the beauty of the outfit.


2. Jacquard Cotton: If you’re looking for an outfit for a small gathering this summer, a Jacquard Cotton suit set will be ideal for you. This pure Cotton fabric is very soft, has a good fall and comes with gorgeous Shifli embroidery with cut work and woven motifs all over. The kind of detailing on these outfits gives it a heavy look while maintaining the subtlety.


3. Modal Cotton: A truly dependable option this summer (and throughout the year), this flowy fabric is easy to maintain as it doesn’t get wrinkles easily. You can wear it for a relaxing day at home or an easy day out shopping with your loved ones. Modal Cotton salwar kameez sets come in a variety of patterns and prints, so you’ll truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to getting some for your wardrobe.


4. Organdy: If you find crisp Cotton suits irresistible, you’ll definitely want to pick an Organdy suit set for yourself. This fabric makes your suit sets graceful, tasteful and very breathable even on the hottest of days. The fabric has a much sought after fall, which gives just the right kind of fitting to one and all. However, make sure you care well for your Organdy outfits as they need heavy ironing to look their prettiest.


5. Cotton Silk: Cotton Silk is among the top picks by women when it comes to occasion wear for the summer. Colours come out very well and sharp on this fabric so your Cotton Silk suit sets give a very rich and royal feel always. They are known for bright colours and traditional prints and look best when paired with an Ikat, Patola or Handloom dupatta.


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