For a glam start to the New Year, Here's all-new Designer Lehenga collection!
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  • Published: 20/01/2018
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No matter how many fashion trends come and go there are some ethnic outfits that will always remain special in India. One such perpetual trend is the Lehenga. In the culturally diverse India the wedding traditions and bridal outfits vary from one region to another. But the Lehenga has now grown to be one of the most popular choices of bridal costumes across India.

A collection of the prettiest Lehengas for every special occasion

This all new collection of Lehengas has been put together to suit every occasion. Be it a wedding or a festival these Lehengas are all it takes to look like an ethereal dream. Lehengas are known for their bold colors. But for a change this collection has some of the most beautiful Lehengas in pastels- peaches, bieges and more. After all, who doesn’t love pastels!

Crafted from the finest fabrics like silk, satin silk and Bemberg Chiffon, these feel absolutely comfortable to wear. They come in as a semi-stitched dress material giving you the freedom to customize and obtain a perfect fit. To add a splash of sophistication these come with machine embroidery embellishment as well.

Why is a Lehenga one of the best ethnic outfits?

A Lehenga is one of the most versatile outfits. You can explore and figure out a million ways to style your Lehenga. If the variety you find the design and the fabric choices is not already enough, you get to choose the styles for your blouse and in the choice of draping the dupatta. Whether you want to keep it simple or be a showstopper with the grandest look, you would be able to do both with your Lehenga. Just let your creative juices flow and you would be surprised at how many different looks you can come up with, with your Lehenga. This makes the Lehenga a great choice for all occasions.

A Lehenga is comfortable to wear. There are some very heavy Lehengas that you can reserve for your wedding. The Lehengas in this collection are designed mindfully to keep you comfortable for a long time. So for those occasions where you want to feel special but also feel comfy to move around all day long then these Lehengas would be your best companions.

A Lehenga is one of the most graceful ethnic ensembles. While also staying stylishly cool you can drape an elegant style effortlessly with you Lehenga. So, it gives you the benefit of keeping a traditional look while also adding a touch of trendy.

Tips to style your Lehenga

When it comes to choosing the overall style you can keep it simple and traditional. Or you could create an indo-western style. Remember to plan your hairdo to perfectly match the Lehenga. For example, letting your hair down on a prettily embellished and styled blouse would only end up distracting attention. So every aspect of your look including the hairdo, and accessories should be planned well.

One of the most effective ways to revamp the looks of your Lehenga is to switch around and try various dupatta draping styles. The Lehengas in this new collection come with a soft and dressy Bemberg chiffon dupatta. This makes a wonderful piece to flaunt when draped the right way.

There are plenty more things to try out with your Lehenga. Pair it with your crop top or wear an ethnic jacket with embroidery suits if you are bored doing it the traditional way. Dress it up or dress it down with the right collection of jewelry and you are sure to make heads turn.

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