Iss Holi Sirf Rang Barse
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  • Published: 01/03/2018
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It’s that time of the year when the cold breezy wind departs and marks the arrival of spring season. As the festival of colours is just around the corner, let’s head back to our childhood days… the days of sweets, colours and mischief. Yes, like every other kid, this was our idea of fun on Holi too, but at that tender age, one thing that we never realised was how much water we carelessly wasted.

Today, we are standing on the verge of limited natural resources, water being the most essential one. In Cape Town, South Africa the officials announced the date for Day Zero, a day predicted when the whole city will completely run out of drinking water. While we’ll be busy splashing water and colours on Holi, somewhere in Cape Town people are left with only few bottles of water a day to survive.

It’s the playful spirit of the festival that adds fun to the celebration, not the splashing of water mixed with harmful chemicals. While so many people face water shortage on daily basis, we can try to ensure that our celebrations are not insensitive, and you being the woman of today hold the key to unlock this change. You are the decision maker of the house who is capable of changing the mindset of the family and lead them towards a safe and sustainable lifestyle.

For starters, here are some tips for you to save water this Holi:

  • Use natural dry colours, they’re easy to wash off
  • Dress in dark shaded clothes, so cleaning them does not need much water
  • Apply oil on your body and hair, it provides a protective layer and helps you to easily wash off the colours
  • Play in an open area like a garden or a park so that you don’t have to put additional efforts and water to clean the area
  • Avoid unnecessary use of water and tell your kids and relatives to do the same

Remember, the change starts with you and while these are just a few tips to avoid the wastage of water on Holi, there’s a dire need to change our attitude towards our resources on daily basis.

So, let’s pledge to make Holi even more special by saving every drop of water, for those whom it is still a luxury. Here's wishing you a very happy, colourful and dry Holi.

Save water while playing Holi

Play in a separate area or the garden. Getting the whole house dirty will simply lead to more water usage.

Wear old dark coloured clothes, so cleaning them does not need too much water and effort.

Apply oil on your hair before stepping out to play. This will provide a protective coating over your hair. Even if you do end up getting colour in your tresses, a single wash can be enough to make your hair colour-free.

Shield yourself with some moisturising lotion to prevent your skin from staining. It will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from harmful effects of colour.

Coat your nails with nail paint. It is the most basic form of nail care and can go a long away in keeping your nails from soiling with colours. Your nails will stay clean just like before playing Holi.

In case you forget to apply a body lotion and you have colour all over you then do not step under the shower immediately. Rub some coconut oil or cream and let the colour start fading. Now a quick wash will make you clean without much scrubbing. You will save water too.

If you are playing indoors or on the terrace, spread a tarpaulin on the floor. Once you have finished playing, you can simply wash away the colours on the tarpaulin and save using detergents on the floor.

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