This Rakshabandhan, know your sisters choice with Tacfab
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As we all know the festival of Rakshbandhan is nearing by and it’s that time of the year when brothers stick to screens to find the perfect gift for their sisters to show their love. And what’s better than gracing your sister with amazing attires from Tacfab’s finely crafted ethnic wear.

So, just to give you a little knowledge of fashion, we have explained a list of collections that’ll help select the best attire for your sister.


Comparatively lighter, thinner and softer than most of the fabrics, Cotton is the ideal material for patchwork and printed lightweight suits. It’s mostly preferred by people who embrace the simplicity of the design and like to wear it that way.


Made from the cocoons of the larvae of Mulberry Silkworms, Silk is strongest natural fibres, yet one of the smoothest; Its beautiful lustre reflects lights and gives a very shiny look to the dress.

Machine Embroidery

As the names state Machine Embroidery is the style with beautiful embroidered designs that bring out the charm in any fabric. Mostly preferred for a festive occasion, embroidery means heavy work on the fabric making it suitable for the occasion.


Chanderi is a traditionally acclaimed luxurious fabric It is known for its fine and lightweight feel and delicate look. In traditional Chanderi suits, there are two main distinguishing characteristics. The material will always be sheer and translucent in its look, while the designs and motifs displayed always show a strong influence of Chanderi temple art.

Now you know a thing or two about suits, we’re sure you’ll find the best gift for your sister and when it comes to shopping a fine piece of ethnic wear you know where to shop!

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