This Ramadan, stay fit during your fasts
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  • Published: 24/05/2018
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As we are all aware the holy month of Ramadan has arrived, and it’s that time of the year when Muslims all around the world fast for the whole month with full chastity as their homage to their almighty creator.

We know that fasting for 30 days is a bit of a difficult task, but here are some tips that will help you to stay fit during Ramadan.

Energise yourself at Suhoor

Suhoor, the meal before dawn, also considered as the breakfast in Ramadan. It’s that time of the day, when one should fuel his/her body for the whole day, before Iftaar. So, make sure to eat enough to hydrate and energise yourself at Suhoor.

A sweet cut down

Avoid eating heavily processed food and sugary items, as they burn very fast and contain a high amount of fat and fewer nutrients. This will tire you in few hours and you’ll end up craving for more food.

Have soups at Iftaar

Soups are the perfect way to soothe stomach during fasts. They provide the body with fluids, vitamins and minerals while offering a great way to incorporate vegetables. They will help you get energise from the day long fast and will increase your appetite at Iftaar.

Stay hydrated

It's advised that one should stay hydrated during the day-long fast of Ramadan. So, drink 8-12 cups of water between the period of Iftaar and Suhoor. Although juices, milk and soup are also sources of fluids, water is the best choice, so try to consume other drinks in moderation.

Refer a doctor first

Before starting your fasts consult a doctor whether your body could hold it together without food for that long or not. People with the medical condition are usually advised to not fast during Ramadan as it might affect their health.

Well, we hope these measures will help you to stay fit and gorgeous during your favourite festive season. And when it comes to festival shopping, visit your nearest Tacfab store or shop online for trending ethnic-wear suits designed especially for the occasion to add glamour to your celebration.

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