Top 3 outfits to stock up during this spring season
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  • Published: 19/02/2018
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You do not really need a season or a reason to revamp your wardrobe. But then when there are seasonal trends in the fashion industry these simply cannot be missed. Spring calls for lively colors and chirpy prints. The season that embodies happiness deserves to be welcomed with the most cheerful outfits after all. So have you stocked up on your spring outfits yet? If not, here are some ideas to give a unique makeover to your style this spring.

Spring calls for warm colors

Warm colors like oranges and yellow are definitely the most popular choices when it comes to dressing up during spring. As colorful as the season itself, when you add some bright and fresh colors to your wardrobe you are sure to make a hard-to-miss impression. The choice of colors and the final effect they have on your appearance also depend on your skin tone, hair color, and other factors. But as a rule of thumb, choose some pretty colors and do not hesitate to go bold.

Spring without florals?

Florals are definitely on the top of the list of every woman’s preferences for spring. As clichéd as this trend might sound, it still never fails. While there are several designers that choose to switch things around and ignore florals you are sure to find at least a hint of florals on the ramp during spring. Talking about florals, you can choose to make a difference with the choice of the size of prints and the hues and contrasts. Florals on a softer fabric and in mild tones that blend with the rest of the fabric would be even better for those who are looking to make a subtle style statement. If you wish to go for a change but still would like a slice of spring then you could choose florals on your accessories and choose other prints or even solid hues for your outfits.

Outfit ideas

1. Comfy and casual kurtis: You have a go-to kurta then you have made a companion for a lifetime! Seriously, that is how versatile this piece of clothing is. What better than a simple solid kurti, or even one with floral prints or one in pastels, paired with a pair of light denims! As the weather gets warmer, you also have an outfit that would leave you feeling comfortable all day.

2. Salwar kameez: For those days when you are totally clueless about what to wear, pick out a salwar kameez suit and you are good to go. The beauty about salwar kameez is that this is an outfit that can be worn for any occasion. Be it to wear to your workplace, or to simply laze around at home or for a casual day out or even for an evening hangout with friends, there is a salwar kameez style for every occasion. You can now buy salwar kameez online from a beautiful collection designed from the finest fabrics.

3. Your salwar suit, your way! Palazzos are back in trend. Who wouldn’t love these flowy designs that come in breathable smooth fabric! Pairing a kurti with a palazzo is a great choice for a spring outfit, especially if you are staying in a warmer region. If you are looking to obtain the perfect fit then you also get to choose from unstitched suits online and then get a palazzo suit stitched. That way, you get to keep up with the latest trends while also giving your personal touch to your spring outfit and in the end stay comfortable as well.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for spring, dress according to the weather. This in fact holds good for every season. Seasonal outfits make sure that the chosen colors and prints stand out while also making sure that the outfit keeps you dressed appropriately for the weather outside. Given that days are going to get warmer in spring choosing a light fabric, and sticking with lighter colors would be a better choice. Getting the perfect fit for your outfit is also important to make sure that you do not feel excessively warm. So buying unstitched suits is indeed a great choice. With the new season giving you another reason to start something new, explore the latest trends and give your closet the upgrade it deserves.

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