When It Comes to Health The Change Starts Within You
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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

— Diane Mariechild

If words could describe the woman of today, then the above lines fit the description perfectly. Today, we live in an era where women have proved their mettle to patriarchy in every field. Not only that, despite of being neglected for ages, today, women have presented us the perfect example of work-life balance.

Yes, being a working woman is not a child’s play and hence, the wonder women of our lives go through a toll of mental and physical stress on a daily basis, which in turn affects their health.

We at Tacfab salute this spirit of women that perfectly balances their ambitions along with the responsibilities.

To support this never-ending spirit of women here are some healthy workouts that you can adapt to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Power Yoga

As the name suggests, it’s a fusion of traditional yoga with a focus on fitness and weight loss. It’s also considered as the upbeat form of yoga, making it the most sought-after workouts. It suffices the need for those who feel they have a good workout only if they sweat.


  • It helps burn out a fair amount of calories
  • It builds strength, stamina, and flexibility and tones the core and the body
  • Power Yoga gives your metabolism a boost
  • You become more focused
  • Stress and tension are considerably reduced. You become calm and relaxed
  • Even the inactive muscles are toned, flexed, and strengthened



Often considered as an evolved form of Yoga, Pilates is an American form of exercise inspired by Calisthenics, Yoga and Ballet. In Pilates, the body moves through precise ranges of motion and stretches all the major muscles in the body in a balanced fashion. It requires concentration in finding a centre point to control your body through movement. Each exercise has a prescribed placement, rhythm and breathing pattern.


  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body)
  • Balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body
  • Enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs
  • Improved stabilisation of your spine
  • Improved posture
  • Rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to muscle imbalances
  • Improved physical coordination and balance


Tai Chi

Also described as ‘Meditation and Medication in Motion’, it’s a slow-motion exercise, in which you go without pausing through a series of motions named for animal actions and as you move, you breathe deeply and naturally, focusing your attention — as in some kinds of meditation — on your bodily sensation.


  • Better mood, with lower levels of depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Greater aerobic capacity and muscle strength
  • More energy and stamina
  • Enhanced flexibility, balance, and agility
  • Lower blood pressure and improved heart health
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Fewer falls



A powerful workout laden with fun, music and dance steps. Zumba is like a social dance party, where music is fast, upbeat and contagious, and since it takes place in a group setting it’s by far one of the best ways to get your friends in on your exercise routine


  • Calorie and fat burning
  • Improved coordination
  • Full body workout
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic benefits
  • It gets you hooked on exercise
  • Mood-boosting


Belly dancing

Also known as Raks Sharki, this dance form also have few effects on the human body. The graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots of this dance form utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and neck, working with the body instead of against it.


  • Improved posture and muscle toning
  • Weight loss
  • Stress reduction
  • Strengthen back muscles

While these workouts will surely put you on a healthy track, performing them without a healthy diet will lead all these efforts to vain. Workouts like these don’t require any strict diet, but to make them more impactful, one should shift to a low-calorie diet which consists high protein and other nutritional benefits. Keeros, a healthy roasted supersnack has emerged one of the top preferences of fitness driven people, its rich seeds and grains provides the perfect blend of health and taste to every fitness freak.

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