Our Legacy

In the year 1947, Bhai Sahib Dittamal Ji laid the foundations for a textile brand in Delhi, with a view to address the need for quality ethnic wear for women. Sahib Textiles was thus established as a manufacturer of wholesale dress material and fabrics.

The company evolved and over the years achieved many milestones. Finally in 2001, they embarked upon a new journey with their ethnic wear brand, Tacfab Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

Currently under the care and management of the fourth generation of the founding family, Tacfab’s legacy spans a glorious 70 years. The company’s success in ensuring quality production and service is due to the highly efficient in-house manufacturing and strong networking in retail and wholesale. This has helped it become one of the largest ready-to-stitch ethnic wear brands in India. The Tacfab team maintains quality and aesthetic standards with utmost care and 100% focus on customer satisfaction.

As always, the company continues to evolve, incorporating newer technology and methods to help provide a wonderful and wholesome experience to its customers.

With an honest commitment to quality and hard work, Sahib Textiles quickly achieved a strong position in the market, and respect in the community, as one of the most credible and value conscious ethnic wear brands.