Tacfab Cash Points

1. What is Tacfab Cash Points?
Tacfab Cash Points is our new customer loyalty reward program for our registered customers that allow you to earn and save while you shop online on www.tacfab.com.

2. How do I earn Tacfab Cash Points?
You can earn Tacfab Cash Points against most of the products featured on our website, which can be redeemed against any future purchases. The cash points for each product are mentioned on the product detail page next to ‘Earn Tacfab Cash.’

3. How can I redeem my Tacfab Cash Points?
Each product on our website will show you an INR price and Tacfab Cash Points amount. This is written next to “Pay In Tacfab Cash” on the product detail page. You can redeem your points against a purchase by opting to pay using Tacfab Cash Points during check out. Please remember to login to your account in order to avail the Tacfab Cash Points.

4.What is the validity of my Tacfab Cash Points?
Your Tacfab Cash Points are valid for life. They will never expire!

5.How do I know how many Tacfab Cash Points I have?
You can track the number of Tacfab Cash Points you have anytime under the My Account section of our website. Please note that Tacfab Cash Points are only given to registered customers.

6. When will my Tacfab Cash Points get credited in to My Account?
Your Tacfab Cash Points will be credited in your account after we have verified that the products have been delivered to you.

7. What happens when I exchange or return a product?
When you exchange or return a product, Tacfab Cash Points do not get credited against that particular transaction.

8. Do Tacfab Cash Points get added when I redeem my existing Tacfab Cash Points?
No. In such a case where you are redeeming Tacfab Cash Points on your order, additional points will not be added to your account.

9. Can I pay for a product using Tacfab Cash Points and a Coupon Code?
When redeeming Tacfab Cash Points, you cannot use a coupon code or combine it with any other promotion.

10. Do I get Tacfab Cash Points on the products purchased during the sale by using coupon code or on discounted products.
No, The Tacfab Cash Points are not added for the order purchased during the sale period by using the coupon code or on discounted products.

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