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  • Top 5 Diwali Events This Year and What to Wear to Them
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 18/10/2018
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    With so many Diwali parties and events lined up, there’s always confusion about what to wear when, which traditional dress would suit best for a Puja with family or which Diwali outfit would be ideal for the next big get together with friends. Well, the designers at Tacfab are here to the rescue! Here are the top 5 Diwali events you must attend this year and recommendations on what you should wear to each of them.

  • This Karva Chauth, Celebrate love and togetherness with Tacfab
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 26/09/2018
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    India is home to multiple faiths, cultures, beliefs and values. Our festivals offer us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our togetherness and diversity, and express our love to those we hold dear, irrespective of what their beliefs are or which God they bow their heads to. Our love transcends all.

    One of many such festivals is the Hindu festival of Karva Chauth that venerates the holy bond of marriage and is celebrated widely across Northern India. It is a celebration of a woman’s love for her partner and is being observed in our country for ages now.

  • Fashion trends for Desi Fashionistas
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 24/08/2018
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    In these times of progressive fashion trends; an Indian woman’s wardrobe still holds an important place for traditional ethnic wear. The way one dresses always reflects one’s personality, culture and brings a defined exclusivity of fashion sense. In this era of progressive fashion trends, we have picked out for you some latest ethnic wear trends that will bring out true desi fashionista in you.

  • This Rakshabandhan, know your sisters choice with Tacfab
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    As we all know the festival of Rakshbandhan is nearing by and it’s that time of the year when brothers stick to screens to find the perfect gift for their sisters to show their love. And what’s better than gracing your sister with amazing attires from Tacfab’s finely crafted ethnic wear.

  • Reasons to shop with Tacfab, this End of Season
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    It’s that time of the year when every other person, especially women gets glued to their gadget screen and waits for the ‘End of Season Sale’. And when it comes to buying ethnic-wear, you know the place to get the deals on your favourite ready-to-stitch and ready-to-wear suits, salwar and gowns. So let’s take you through our take on why you shop with Tacfab this End of Season Sale.


  • This Ramadan, stay fit during your fasts
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 24/05/2018
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    As we are all aware the holy month of Ramadan has arrived, and it’s that time of the year when Muslims all around the world fast for the whole month with full chastity as their homage to their almighty creator.

    We know that fasting for 30 days is a bit of a difficult task, but here are some tips that will help you to stay fit during Ramadan.

  • This Mother’s Day, gift your mother a wardrobe full of love
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 07/05/2018
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    As we all know Mother's Day is just around the corner, and a family get together at these occasions is a must. And since, while we're at it, getting the perfect gift for your mom will be a thoughtful thing. Do you recall your childhood days, when your mother used to create a fuss about your clothes, every single time? it's because she always cared for you and wanted you to look the best. Well, it's time for you to reverse the roles. So, this Mother's Day, rearrange your Mother's wardrobe and let her know how much you love her.

  • This Baisakhi, get ready to groove with some Desi fashion fundas!
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 10/04/2018
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    As the festival of fun, food and Bhangra nears by, the biggest challenge that every woman faces is ‘how to enjoy the celebration with that glamorous ethnic dress’.

    Well, ladies, we can understand your pain. We know how hard it is to groove to those tempting Bhangra beats with that heavy ethnic wear, but don’t worry, we’ve got some great tips that will bridge the gap between your excitement and your fashion statement.

  • When It Comes to Health The Change Starts Within You
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    If words could describe the woman of today, then the above lines fit the description perfectly. Today, we live in an era where women have proved their mettle to patriarchy in every field. Not only that, despite of being neglected for ages, today, women have presented us the perfect example of work-life balance.

    Yes, being a working woman is not a child’s play and hence, the wonder women of our lives go through a toll of mental and physical stress on a daily basis, which in turn affects their health.

  • Iss Holi Sirf Rang Barse
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 01/03/2018
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    It’s that time of the year when the cold breezy wind departs and marks the arrival of spring season. As the festival of colours is just around the corner, let’s head back to our childhood days… the days of sweets, colours and mischief. Yes, like every other kid, this was our idea of fun on Holi too, but at that tender age, one thing that we never realised was how much water we carelessly wasted.

  • Top 3 outfits to stock up during this spring season
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 19/02/2018
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    You do not really need a season or a reason to revamp your wardrobe. But then when there are seasonal trends in the fashion industry these simply cannot be missed. Spring calls for lively colors and chirpy prints. The season that embodies happiness deserves to be welcomed with the most cheerful outfits after all. So have you stocked up on your spring outfits yet? If not, here are some ideas to give a unique makeover to your style this spring.

  • Destination wedding? Here's all you need!
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 19/02/2018
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    Wedding is that magical day in everyone’s life. A lot of planning goes into making a wedding happen. A destination wedding is definitely something that can make it a memorable event for the bride, groom as well as for the guests. And this is also a trend that is quite popular all over the world. But the thing about destination wedding is that it requires even deeper planning than a wedding that is planned in the same city. But when done right this is sure to create the most memorable day for the whole family and friends.

  • There's a Valentine's Day outfit for your loved one
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 06/02/2018
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    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It is that time of the year when even the busiest couples stop and take some time to express their love to their partner. Are you confused about how to dress to impress your loved one this year? Come Valentine’s Day there are numerous western outfit choices that you might find. To give it a change, why not try something more graceful, something ethnic this year?

  • Custom Made To Unlock Your Personal Style
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 22/01/2018
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    When it comes to picking a graceful outfit, the choice of the outfit alone would not be sufficient- you would also have to get the perfect fit. But then obtaining a fit that flatters your body type is not going to be very easy. When you are trying to buy a kurta or a salwar kameez suit for example, you would only be able to find standard size options. This would mean compromising on the fit a little if your size happens to be something in between the standard size options available.

  • For a glam start to the New Year, Here's all-new Designer Lehenga collection!
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 20/01/2018
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    No matter how many fashion trends come and go there are some ethnic outfits that will always remain special in India. One such perpetual trend is the Lehenga. In the culturally diverse India the wedding traditions and bridal outfits vary from one region to another. But the Lehenga has now grown to be one of the most popular choices of bridal costumes across India.

  • Tacfab_blog8thJan18_Lohri-min.jpg

    It is that time of the year to bid adieu to the winters with the traditional bonfire ritual, with women singing “Sunder mundriye ho!” Though it is a festival that is particularly special for the Punjabis, it is celebrated with the same ardor all over India. So it is that time of the year where you get to get all dolled up and enter the festive vibe. Talk about dressing up, there is just one question in every woman’s mind, “What do I wear this time?” So to resolve your confusions we have here 6 outfit ideas to rock this Lohri in style!

  • Why Pashmina Suits Are Apt During Winters
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 23/12/2017
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  • Because Wedding Season Calls For A Trendy Makeover
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 22/12/2017
    • Times Read: 284


    Dressing for weddings is stressful and exciting all at once for everyone. The wedding season means many events, and many possible outfits to flaunt your desi style. The traditional choices of a tasteful saree or reworking the lehenga from last Diwali have all been done before, and how.

  • This Festive Season, Add New Colours To Your Wardrobe
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 21/12/2017
    • Times Read: 301


    Have you always dressed safe, and are now tiring of it? We understand. While safe is easy, it’s also boring. Love them or not, colours will always be in! With Christmas and New Year season around the corner, and much shopping to do- next time you scroll past something bright and sigh as you end up choosing the same droll colour your wardrobe is rife with, choose differently. And here’s why you should!

  • 5 Reasons To Wear Chanderi Suits
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 04/12/2017
    • Times Read: 333


    Every woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a collection of the simple and beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez. Now as staple as it gets you may have a whole lot of them, but do you own a Chanderi suit? Chanderi suits are as traditional as they are quickly gaining popularity, and here are some reasons you simply must invest in a chanderi suit!

  • Beauty of Georgette Salwar Suits
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 24/11/2017
    • Times Read: 2961


    As far as suits go, cotton will remain a classic, but among new materials gaining popularity one that is increasingly bought and worn is Georgette. Why, you ask? Here’s everything you need to know! Georgette is a light weight, crinkled, sheer fabric- a string absorbent, it allows for easy dyeing and this means a whole range of colours when you are shopping for designer party wear suits online. The texture is dull to rough, and while pure Georgette is woven out of silk yarns, faux georgette is woven from Rayon and Polyester.

  • Tips To Look Charismatic with Traditional Wear
    • Posted By: Tacfab
    • Published: 25/11/2017
    • Times Read: 2779


    Indian women are the most beautiful- isn’t that the general consensus? Indian traditional clothes as well are known across the globe for being particularly stunning. And nothing can quite beat the combination of the two. Graceful, elegant, dramatic or understated- any look can be achieved whilst wearing Indian outfits! It is a fact: all women naturally rock Indian ethnic wear, who doesn’t love those elegantly embroidered suits? Here are some ways you can be no less than stellar when you’re trying your traditional wear.

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